Travel tips for Bohol and the Philippines

We know a holiday should always be well prepared! Let us help you with our recommended list of Bohol travel resources, tips and companies, that will ensure that your trip is catered for every comfort and budget! Our page relates to what is new and is continually upgraded and expanded.

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Bohol, Philippines International Travel Insurance

Buy travel insurance to Bohol, Philippines in less than 5 minutes.

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Boat ticktets from Cebu to Bohol and...

A very good way to book your travel tickets offers the online agency 12GO Asia. For your trip to Panglo, Bohol in the Philippines, you’ll find the right ticket, especially ferry tickets.

Panglao and Bohol tours

Land tours to the chocolate hills, Tarsier or to fantastic waterfalls. Or boat tours with whale shark or dolphin watching. Book cheaply and quickly with our partners.

Airport transfers executed by local Professional companies

For example, from Tagbilaran (Panglao) airport (to a hotel) to Anda, Bohol Island.

Philippine travel guide with a large variety of topics

Philippines travelers we recommend the website: Silent Gardens Philippines Guide
Philippine Travel Guide Silent Gardens
Silent Gardens – Philippine Travel Guide
The content of the website is testimony to more than 10 years of philippines experience. Almost all important topics are described in detail and easily understandable. In addition, there is a very niceBLOG with constantly new interesting articles from the Philippines. Anyone who is interested in the Philippines, or who is planning a trip should have a look at Silent Gardens.