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Top 8 things you must do in your Philippine vacation in Bohol Island. If you are ever lucky enough to be on the Philippine island of Panglao - Bohol, you should definitely read this post.

Bohol Philippines Travel Guide will support you in your journey. In our Tourism Guide, you’ll find useful information and travel tips, which will help to save money. Nice large pictures of accommodations, white sandy beaches and much more.

Do you visit the first time Bohol, or the Philippines? Then please look first at the Link: TOURIST INFO. Highly recommendable also the Bohol Tourist video to watch. Now you already know in broad terms what to expect on Panglao – Bohol.

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There we have listed for you our top 8 for a holiday on Bohol Philippines, included travel tours.

Maybe you’re not sure which area of Panglao shall be your Hotel. Before you browse through the various accommodation categories we recommend first this page: BEST PANGLAO BEACHES. It may help to decide where you want to book your hotel.

The information and pictures in our four categories of accommodation are from 2015 or newer. The Bohol Guide team has personally visited all hotels and shot the pictures themselves. Good vacation planning needs time. Browse occasionally Bohol Guide Philippines.

Save Money and take a look at our: TRAVEL TIPS

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  1. On our ⇒ Properties Page, you will find interesting Real Estate to rent or buy. Various houses and apartments to choose from, which were personally tested by the Bohol guide team.

Thank you for your attention. We wish you an exciting and relaxing holiday.

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